The intricacies in agribusiness and allied industries vary across the supply chain, for clarity on how our team of consultants can help you manage and grow your enterprise or your career please contact us.


Do you have many people on your books?

With a powerful database and extensive networks regionally and globally, The Lucas Group can access skilled professionals to meet your business needs.

What happens if the person doesn’t work out?

The Lucas Group stand’s by our rigorous and standardized recruitment process. We guarantee each candidate and will replace them at no further cost to your business.

Will you write the job ad and position description?

We can develop documents that will detail the role and sell the opportunity after gaining an understanding and insight into your company’s culture, goals and growth plans.

What is involved in your reference checking?

Relevant background checking of a candidate’s employment history will include a summarised written report from someone the candidate has reported directly to and can validate their skills and experience. The duties and responsibilties of role and the company culture will be explained to the referee and used to determine their suitability for the role. We will also explore areas of what is the best work environment for the candidate to work in, strength and weaknesses and their management/leadership style when applicable.

Is personality and psychometric assessment possible?

We believe this is an effective tool in any recruitment process. We can incorporate this into your project and you will be able to develop the test to suit your business. Talk to us how we can source the best suited candidate for your team.

What kind of support will be offered to me as a client?

We will be actively involved and engaged with you throughout the recruitment process. We will provide advice and guidance when needed to ensure there is a good “fit” between company and candidate. The Lucas Group will design a Position Description and Position Profile for the role to help identify the key requirements candidates need to possess to be successful and suitable for the role. We can be actively involved on site on the client’s premises to conduct or facilitate the interviews and selection process for the final stage of interviews. The Lucas Group will assist with remuneration negotiation and finalising the employment contract if required. We will also be actively involved with the review process throughout the probationary period.


How can I best prepare for an interview?

Be prepared.  Have a clear understanding of your strengths and key skills you’d bring to the opportunity.  Research the company.  Dress professionally.  Practice responses to possible interview questions and make sure you’re able to provide specific examples that demonstrate your experience and skills.  Be confident and prepared to sell yourself.

What types of jobs are available through the Lucas Group?

The Lucas Group recruits across the agribusiness supply chain from senior management and executive positions to production focused roles.  Talk to a consultant now about how we can assist with your career goals or keep an eye on our Available Jobs.

How can I update my resume or contact information?

Thanks for wanting to keep in touch, please complete this form so we can reach you when we have career opportunities that suit your skills and experience.

How do you ensure my details remain confidential?

We will only send your details across to a client after have discussed the opportunity with you and gained your permission to do so.  Our clients sign an agreement to ensure your details are read and discussed in the strictest confidence.

Will I be notified if I am not successful for a position?

Yes. Just because you weren’t suitable for one role doesn’t mean we wont have an opportunity for you later. We’ll let you know that you’re not successful for a role and ask you more questions so we can keep in touch with opportunities that suit your background.

How can TLG help me transition from a different industry into agriculture?

We can assist you in identifying potential opportunities through the Agribusiness sector and assist you to identify the skills and qualifications you may require to pursue a career in Agribusiness. For a discussion on opportunities speak to one of our team members.



If you have any questions about your career, finding a suitable candidate or a general enquiry please do not hesitate to contact us

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