Redefining business success in a changing world

Redefining business success in a changing world

CEOs know the landscape has changed dramatically and continues to do so. That’s simply part and parcel of doing business today. They understand they have to be aware of, and effectively manage, a much broader group of stakeholders than their predecessors ever had to contend with.

Mobile connectivity and social media have not only given people more say when it comes to what and how they like to receive goods or services or how they like to work, but it’s also given them access to much more information, including that of organisations, their work practices and partners, and the impact they have more broadly. Technology is unequivocally the number one tool CEOs are using to assess and deliver on these changing customer and stakeholder needs.

Being responsive is key to CEOs building trust – which they know is something that will be fundamental to their longterm viability. Communicating on strategy and purpose is something that CEOs in Australia acknowledge they could do better, and would help trust efforts. But responding to expectations comes at a cost. There’s a conflict between stakeholders’ interests versus financial performance expectations from investors that CEOs have to balance.


Managing Stakeholders Infographic


Managing Stakeholders Infographic p2 Managing Stakeholders Infographic p3

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