Booming Cropping Season

With increased rainfall and favourable seasonal conditions throughout most of Australia, we keep hearing about a likely booming cropping season. However, many paddocks are waterlogged, some disease ridden and temperatures have been up and down – so what is harvest really going to look like?

ABARES predicted, in 2016-2017 winter crop production will increase in all states. Which is the first time this has happened since the 2007-2008 cropping season. Other forecasted figures of interest to consider are:

  • 46.1 million tonnes is the amount of total winter crop production expected (+16%)
  • The predicted gross value of crop production is $29.2 billion (+6.6%)
  • 28.1 million tonnes predicted for wheat production (+16%) and 9.5 million tonnes for barley (+11%)
  • 3.6 million tonnes predicted for canola production (+23%)
  • Summer crop production predictions remain positive with an estimated 4.8 million tonnes (+28%)

Overall if these predictions prove correct, this will be a booming cropping season lets hope harvest achieves these forecasts. However, some of the highest yields on record come with challenges. There will be an increased demand for transportation, handling and storage of grain.

Will the system be able to cope with the demand?

Source:ABARES Agricultural Commodities report and ABARES Australian Crop Report

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