Salary Benchmarking

Don’t lose your team to an oversight

We conduct salary surveys across all agricultural industry sectors, determining salaries and remuneration packages. Use our insight, comprehensive networks, and knowledge bank to ensure your agribusiness stays competitive.

Salary package benchmarking is when internal job descriptions are matched to external jobs with similar responsibilities to identify the current market rate for each position. Benchmarking provides a sound understanding of salary and employment expectations and can help you make informed and effective decisions regarding hiring, promotions, salary adjustments, and staff remuneration budget planning.

We design and execute either a bespoke candidate survey or desktop survey to help guide your decision making.

Our Commitment to You

  • Conduct a thorough salary survey to provide you with the clarity to stay competitive
  • Begin your framework for employee attraction and retention
  • Assist with salary planning and budgeting
  • Determine business needs to provide the best recommendation
  • Assist in building framework for company structure and culture

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