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Grow with Confidence: Why Use A Recruitment Expert for Agribusiness Executive Search?

In the swiftly evolving landscape of Australian agribusiness, securing the right talent has become increasingly challenging. As recognised partners in agribusiness recruitment for over 30 years, The Lucas Group has witnessed firsthand the profound shift in staffing expectations and hurdles in filling vacancies. Our commitment lies with our partners, leveraging our experienced and proficient team to parse through countless applications, separating the wheat from the chaff to locate the ideal candidate for you.

Time and Finances: Precious Commodities

We know that time is an invaluable, non-renewable asset. Most leaders in Agribusiness today don’t have time to waste going through the laborious steps of listing an open position, checking through hundreds of unsuitable resumes and conducting hours’ worth of initial interviews.  The inherent limitations and hidden costs of internal recruitment processes can compound rapidly—from considerable salaries of the recruitment team to time invested by additional team members involved in recruitment, to the cost of downtime spent by hiring managers on myriad recruitment tasks. Just a few examples of the financial ramifications of internal hiring policies include:

  • Recruitment team salaries
  • Training costs for your recruitment and HR personnel
  • Time of extra team members involved in the recruitment process
  • The cost of downtime spent by hiring managers writing job descriptions, posting ads on job boards, reading CVs and shortlisting candidates, telephone screening, interviewing and considering the most suitable candidates.
  • Having a meeting room space to interview candidates? 
  • The cleaning and maintenance costs of keeping these rooms available.
  • Cost of bad hires, attrition and turnover.

When you consider these factors collectively, seeking the assistance of a seasoned recruitment partner becomes not just appealing but essential.

Expert Agribusiness Acumen: Not a Guarantee, but a Necessity

It’s difficult to find the right agribusiness team member if the person recruiting them couldn’t tell a Merino from Shawn the Sheep. At the Lucas Group, agribusiness isn’t just a service we offer—it’s at the core of who we are. 

Our team hails from regional backgrounds, lending unique insights into the industry. This breadth of lived experience and intricate knowledge provides us with a first-hand understanding of regional Australia, its challenges, and its thriving communities.

We’re passionate about the continued prosperity of agriculture in Australia. Partnering with us connects you to specialists who live and breathe agriculture.

Harnessing the Power of Parallel Searching & Advertising

Seeking expert help in your recruitment can open doors for your team building that didn’t even exist before. Our partners enjoy the benefits of a parallel search, which takes the best bits of headhunting and job advertising, leaving you with the standout candidates.

Why not strengthen your team building by utilising bespoke advertising campaigns and a network of well over 100,000 agricultural professionals in Australia?

Our team at The Lucas Group is dedicated to ensuring that each role we handle not only spotlights the unique propositions of our partner’s agribusinesses but also gains maximum outreach. Even the act of posting a job on Seek is more effective through our process, with our job ads on Seek receiving 70% more applications than other agribusiness ads and being shown to 75% more potential applicants than similar ads.

At The Lucas Group, we’ve got your back when it comes to recruitment needs. You can trust us to take care of everything so you can focus on leading your business with peace of mind. We’re more than just a recruitment agency, we’re your partners in prosperity. We’re passionate and knowledgeable, and we’re committed to fueling your success. With The Lucas Group on your side, you can be confident in your team-building processes and grow your business together with us. You sow the seed, and we help it thrive.

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