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NFF Issues A Vote of No Confidence in Albanese Government

In the wake of several crippling changes to Australian agriculture’s political landscape, the sector’s peak policy-making forum has sounded a formidable alarm to leadership in Canberra.

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF), which embodies Australia’s state and commodity agricultural organisations, has carried a trio of motions that ring clear with dissatisfaction towards the current administration.

  1. That the NFF no longer has confidence in the Albanese Government to act in the interests of Australian agriculture.
  2. The NFF believe Cabinet and caucus have made the live export decision without considering the scientific and industry data presented in the consultation process to the detriment of all sectors of agriculture.
  3. The NFF rejects the current assistance package as a token gesture and sees the only satisfactory outcome is the continuation of the trade in live sheep.

Through these motions, the NFF Members Council has strongly declared that they have lost faith in the Albanese Government’s ability to advocate for the interests of Australian agriculture.

NFF President David Jochinke expressed the gravitas of the situation, stating that the unprecedented move reflects a solidified stance from the industry.

“Farmers, fishers, and foresters feel they are being treated with contempt as this Government pursues its single-minded policy agenda,” Jochinke said.

With a clear discord noted between government actions and the needs of the farming community to remain profitable and productive, Jochinke highlighted a perception of neglect: “The Government says it’s listening but today the agriculture sector reiterated its view – that farmers do not feel like they are being recognised.”

Jochinke accused the government of prioritising the preferences of urban voters at the expense of rural and regional constituents. He noted that the live sheep export ban was the final straw, representing a series of harmful policies damaging the agriculture sector.

The exasperation of the community stems from a series of governmental moves that are believed to erode the foundation of farming success.

“We don’t want this fight. Walk with us to better understand what we do, listen to us, and listen genuinely,” pleaded Jochinke, urging the government to work towards understanding and supporting the sector.

Recent policy decisions have stripped farmers’ resources, including water, shuttered markets with a slew of new taxes, and obstructed labour forces. Hindering the agricultural sector’s aim of a $100 billion industry that helps to bolster Australia’s export income, create new urban and regional employment opportunities, and reinvest in sustainable practices.

Underlining the NFF’s vote of no confidence is a simple plea — “What we are asking Government is actually very simple. It is to keep farmers farming.”

The message from Australian agriculture is clear: The sector’s viability and future hang in the balance, hinging on the government’s next move.

Source: National Farmers Federation

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