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Salaries Creeping Up Across Agriculture

Salary, it’s a key factor for candidates, triggering them to look for new roles and playing a large part in why they accept positions.

According to SEEK, 40% of candidates say that salary and compensation are more important now than compared to before COVID.

With unemployment in Australia now at 3.5% and the number of job ads rising 41.4% from 2019 to 2022, there is an increased demand for workers. In this kind of candidate-short market, the increased demand for workers means employers need to make better offers to stay competitive.

Agricultural salaries are among those headed for an increase. Compared to pre-pandemic farm salaries are up across the board, with some increasing as much as 21%. Based on average advertised salaries, SEEK compared data from Nov 21 – Feb 22 and Nov 19 – Feb 20.

The highest jump in the ag industry was for labourers, whose average annual salary has increased 21% to $62,136. Farm Managers have experienced an increase of 10%, with the average advertised salary coming in at $88,089.

RoleSalary GrowthAverage Salary
Farm Manager10%$88,089
Machine Operator7%$66,995
Animal Attendant6%$51,119
Source: SEEK

Rising salaries can be attributed to many external factors, fewer candidates, lower unemployment, higher costs of living… they all contribute. What’s undeniable is that the landscape has changed and increasing salaries are unavoidable for employers.

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