Training, the secret to good agribusiness workers

Farm employees are encouraged to broaden their skillsets and learn more about the business of farming.

A well-educated workforce can contribute to the smooth running of a farm, as more employees become aware of the reasons behind business decisions made in agriculture.

With this knowledge, staff are able to contribute well-grounded ideas. These could result in increased efficiencies, innovation or better morale in the workplace.

Caroline Graham runs Regional Skills Training, an organisation dedicated to managerial training in the agriculture sector.

Her training programs have been popular with female workers and people new to farming.

Mrs Graham says that although these workers are often familiar with the day-to-day business of running a farm, and the annual or seasonal cycles, the training brings a new perspective and a stronger business approach to how staff operate.

“They are demanding training about recognising and dealing with the issues that could take away the viability of the farm, completely unrelated to the normal production system, like safety,” Mrs Graham told Stock Journal.

The business training is interwoven with agricultural principles, so workers learn how the two sides of an agribusiness work together.

Mrs Graham says RST has students of all ages, from many regional areas.
The organisation can offer accredited training, which includes training for people completing an Advanced Diploma in Agribusiness. Farmers looking for ticketing in chemical accreditation, load-shifting equipment, and a number of workplace health and safety courses may find RST to be a suitable training partner.

Source: Stock Journal

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