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What is your Employee Value Proposition

A strong employee value proposition (EVP) is essential to attracting and retaining talent in the current candidate-short market.

Many agribusinesses haven’t had the opportunity to understand and see the value of having a strong employer brand and EVP offering. Your employer brand and EVP can help you find and retain the best people for your organisation.

75% of active job seekers consider an employer’s brand before applying for a job.

What is an EVP?

An EVP is everything your business does for employees, including salary, perks, culture, career development, rewards, and benefits

It’s the reasons an employee will list while they’re telling someone why they love working at their organisation.

How do we define our EVP?

Defining your EVP is a research-driven strategy that will help steer the direction of your agribusiness.

You’ll need to involve all staff in the EVP development. Their feedback will outline your current EVP and offer ideas.

Your EVP isn’t there to offer people cake; it should help your employees grow and develop. In return for a fulfilling and rewarding environment, they’ll help to create a high-performing culture.

How does an EVP attract the right people?

Strong EVPs attract people willing to go the extra mile for a company that’s willing to reciprocate (employer of choice). These people know that they will be rewarded and valued as a member of the team.

Letting potential new employees know your business values and offering is a huge drawcard in a candidate-short market.

Defining your EVP

Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) needs to begin at home. Consulting your current team will give you a greater understanding of how your business is perceived.

By conducting anonymous surveys, you can source new ideas and get an accurate picture of employee needs.

Once you’ve got everything collated, you’ll be in the best place to understand what contributes to retention.

Promoting your EVP

Once you’ve defined your EVP, you’ll need to promote it. Make sure it’s circulated in-house so everyone knows what strategic direction you’re taking and what actions/changes you may be making.

Your EVP should be clear in your recruitment processes and onboarding of new employees.

The employee value proposition is the cornerstone of positive employer-employee relationships. It has the power to help engage and retain existing staff while also attracting new talent.

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