How do we solve a problem like food supply?


As the global population rises, so does the demand on the food supply. What challenges lie ahead for agribusiness and the world? “The assumption that everyone will have something to eat is increasingly built into the rhythm of life,” writes The Economist. Food security ought to be at an all-time high. Advances in technology and changes […]

How can you help Australian dairy farmers?


Australian dairy farmers need your help – here are some tips to get the most out of your purchasing power.  The Australian dairy farmers’ price crisis Just before the end of the last financial year, Australia’s largest dairy producer, Murray Goulburn, announced they would be cutting prices paid to Australian dairy farmers for their milk. This […]

Space food viable and vegan, experiment shows


Space food – vegetables grown on Mars – is in the realm of possibility, an experiment by Dutch scientists has proven. Radishes, peas, rye and tomatoes are capable of thriving in the Red Planet’s soil without soaking up heavy metals that would be harmful to humans. Other vegetables are likely to draw up quantities of copper, lead […]

Video: Automated Robotic Lamb Processing


This completely automated robotic lamb processing plant in Bordertown, South Australia, is an incredible innovation. Created by Scott Automation & Robotics in conjunction with JBS and Meat & Livestock Australia, the processing plant is a marvel. It aims to revolutionise butchery operations. The machine uses x-ray to scan each lamb carcass as it comes down […]

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